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11/23/11 10:15 am

Happy Thanksgiving Wishes

09/20/11 07:13 am

Weekly Wacky News Recap (September 13 - 20, 2011)

Just a few newsworthy items (and comments thereon) that have been making their...
04/21/11 04:40 am

Debt Limit Approaches, GOP Gets Tougher

As the U.S. races towards it's debt limit, the GOP warns that permission to...
04/12/11 04:52 pm

Eric Cantor: Central Casting for an Unlikable Republican

He's on the right side, but listening to Eric Cantor makes me sick neverthe...
01/23/11 10:20 am

David Gregory Questions Eric Cantor on Spending Cuts

Eric Cantor anticipates this week's State of the Union address. Cantor lays...
01/04/11 04:11 pm

Dueling ObamaCare Pressers From Pelosi, Cantor

Nancy Pelosi is still pretending that ObamaCare will save money, while Eric Cant...
11/30/10 12:53 pm

Congressman Lauer Takes a Stand

Matt Lauer tries to negotiate tax cuts with Eric Cantor, but comes up short. ...
11/07/10 08:22 pm

New House Leaders Do Sunday Talk

There's not much upside to the latest stimulus - a $600 billion monetary in...
11/04/10 02:05 am

Republicans Say They'll Push to Repeal Health Care

Eric Cantor says the GOP will move to repeal health reform asap.
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