enhanced interrogation

05/01/12 02:10 am

Rodriguez: Why is Killing Better Than Interrogating?

Former CIA interrogator Jose Rodriguez - in a 60 Minutes interview - raises an i...
05/09/11 05:26 am

Interrogation Bad, Shooting in Face Okay

The president's National Security Adviser couldn't really answer the q...
01/31/11 09:07 am

Bush Responds to Patriot Act Challenge

During a C-Span forum last week, President Bush was asked about the Patriot Act....
05/01/09 06:21 pm

Rice Hammer

This could be the best interview with Secretary Rice ever. Condi explains the B...
04/29/09 10:44 pm

Obama Might Torture

First, the President was asked if the Bush administration engaged in torture. AB...
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