12/15/10 03:34 am

Liberal Professor Hates Racism... and Old White Men

Why is it that the best educated of the politically compassionate class fail to ...
12/13/10 09:48 pm

Boehner Shows Too Much Empathy for Left

Liberals on The View, with Barbara Walters taking the lead, mock John Boehner fo...
10/23/10 05:34 am

Clooney & Reiner Differ on Conservative Hate

The good news is that George Clooney stopped Bill Maher when he went to the old ...
08/12/10 05:11 pm

Just Another Insult

Let's not get too excited. First, it's a Democrat being hateful, and t...
07/16/10 11:48 pm

Compassion Routes

New Democrats come into the country everyday. That's the Democrats plan, a...
07/05/10 08:39 pm

Empathy Marching

In Iowa, one woman was killed and 24 were injured when horses, pulling a cart in...
06/14/10 10:01 pm

Nasty Love

How is it possible that a liberal congressman, filled with love and compassion, ...
06/04/10 07:05 pm

Campassionately, Two

Ask and we shall receive (see the next post down, where I long for more honest l...
03/25/10 09:21 am

Big Government Compassion

Dick Durbin -a compassionate Democrat!
07/08/09 05:08 pm

Don't Be Cruel

Life isn't easy for the childen of "the best father you could ever ima...
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