emily rooney

10/06/12 03:44 pm

Fact Checkers: Just the Fiction

Why can't fact checkers get their facts straight? But hold on, the Truth Sq...
03/31/12 05:05 pm

Jon Keller: Putting Sharpton on TV is Racist

 A longtime Boston political reporter says putting Al Sharpton on MSNBC...
03/05/12 03:36 pm

Keller Joins PBS Lefties in Getting Breitbart Wrong

Even Jon Keller, a savvy political commentator from Channel 4 in Boston who is g...
02/17/12 04:31 am

Poll: Scott Brown Leads Warren By Nine

A new poll shows Scott Brown leading Betsy Warren by 9 points, with a 60 to 28 l...
07/23/11 07:13 am

PBS Lefties Ok With Calling Illegals Illegal

Latino group Centro Presente is trying to get NPR Boston's WBUR to stop usi...
06/05/11 05:45 am

Emily Rooney Says Weiner a Bad Guy

The host of public television's Greater Boston show says that her nephew wo...
11/02/10 11:19 am

Rocking Turnout Around Boston

Everyone's buzzing about what Chris Matthews said about Deval.
08/11/09 06:35 am

Failing Health

Are Democrats running out of steam on health care? Have they come to terms with ...
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