06/23/12 04:19 pm

Rahm Emanuel Channels Scott Walker

Imagine if a big city mayor - ie, a Democrat - became the new Scott Walker...
07/21/11 06:01 pm

Liberals Love Their Kids, Not Yours

Rahm Emanuel, now Mayor of Chicago, is proud to announce that he cares too much ...
06/20/10 05:58 pm

Hostage Crisis

Not only is a serious crisis a terrible thing to waste, it's a waste being ...
05/28/10 05:19 pm

Two Hands

Wow. What a whopper has been offered up by the White House with the cooperation ...
03/06/10 09:08 pm

Flying Expletives

How are things going for David Axelrod, the Karl Rove of the Obama Administratio...
01/19/09 06:39 pm

Stealing Values

Is the Democratic Party going triangulate on the GOP and try to steal away their...
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