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02/05/11 12:18 pm

Ed Schultz Hits Romney for Knowing Constitution

Ed Schultz can't understand - or conveniently forgets - that states operate...
12/30/10 05:31 am

Leftists Argue Big Storm Justifies Big Government

The dopes on the liberal MSNBC revel over the big storm this week as proof that ...
10/22/10 02:28 am

Harry Reid Says He Saved the World

Funny - Harry Reid saved the world, except for Nevada, from depression. Although...
09/14/10 04:56 am

Ron Right

Good brawl on MSNBC, with the socialists actually allowing a conservative, Ron C...
08/30/10 09:05 pm

Ed Shows Hate

Ed Schultz does his expected rant on Beck.
03/03/10 06:30 pm

Another Dem Quits

Democrats are losing a first term Congressman, Eric Massa, from Cornell, New Yor...
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