ed schultz

03/04/11 05:22 am

Will Wisconsin 14 Really Do Perp Walk?

Ed Schultz on the Wisconsin senate vote to hold the 14 Dems on the lam in Illino...
02/16/11 01:15 pm

Drink to That: Schultz Says GOP Wants to Crush Unions

Ed Schultz warned viewers last night that the GOP is engaged in a coordinated ef...
01/22/11 04:45 am

Olbermann: Was He Fired By Comcast?

Just three days after regulators announced approval of Comcast's takeover o...
01/05/11 04:28 am

The Destructive Force of Unions on Politics Denied

Question for Ed Schultz. Why do the Democrats sell America out for so little? ...
12/31/10 07:23 am

Liberal Shocker - There Are Gay Conservatives

Why would gays be Republicans? Inquiring minds need to know.
12/22/10 09:26 am

Democrats Scared By Rep King's Attempts to Make America Safe

Alan Colmes makes the argument that "you don't single out a religion,&...
11/11/10 04:36 am

Dopey Left Building Christie With Personal Attacks

Chris Christie's weight plays oddly to his benefit, enhancing his brand as ...
11/04/10 09:14 am

Can You Say Impeachment? Liberals are Talking About It!

Ed Schultz is all fired up about impeachment. Impeachment? Ready to go? Interest...
10/03/10 12:08 pm

Small Nation

There was a radical rally in DC yesterday, thousands of Democrats getting togeth...
09/14/10 04:56 am

Ron Right

Good brawl on MSNBC, with the socialists actually allowing a conservative, Ron C...
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