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02/09/12 12:59 pm

Fox News’ Sean Hannity Exposed As Liar By MSNBC’s Ed Schultz

Earlier this week, Fox News’ Republican Cheerleader-in-Chief, Sean H...
12/21/11 11:10 am

Limbaugh’s Lies Exposed By Ed Schultz

10/27/11 05:28 am

Alan Grayson Joins Schultz: GOP is OJ

Funniest Ed Schultz cut ever as he responds to Paul Ryan highlighting the obviou...
07/27/11 04:56 am

Schultz: Tan Man is Lazy

Ed Schultz demonstrates the air of civility that Democrats want for Washington. ...
06/01/11 06:47 am

Weekly Whacky News Wrap-Up 5/24 - 6/1/11

05/27/11 09:48 am

The View From the Lost Feminists

Barbara Walters is oft lauded for paving the way in television news as a woman. ...
05/26/11 04:23 am

Too Much Love: Schultz Suspended

It's not easy being a liberal love machine. All that compassion is a burden...
05/25/11 04:39 pm

Liberal Love: Laura Ingraham a Slut

Liberals are the Mothers of Compassion. That's their cover story, anyway. I...
04/22/11 08:39 am

A Really Bad Segment - Worse Than Usual - From Ed Schultz

Amazing - Ed Schultz finds a couple of union guys who aren't happy that the...
03/24/11 09:12 am

Smile: Ed Schultz is Speaking

Ed Schultz is always good for a laugh!
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