05/23/12 06:34 am

Rove Ad Hits Obama on Economy

Great ad that goes for the raw nerve of economic stress from Crossroads GPS (a K...
05/11/12 05:20 am

Obama: Too Busy on Other Things

An overburdened President Obama says sometimes he forgets how tough the economy ...
05/02/12 07:56 am

When Will Mitt Launch?

As the president parades around the country - and the world - doing reelection p...
04/27/12 04:51 am

RNC: Obama Still Not Ready

The confidence of those who want the president defeated in November should be bo...
04/19/12 05:03 pm

Romney Hits on Jobs

With more bad jobs numbers out Thursday, Mitt Romney continued to focus on the p...
04/12/12 01:17 pm

Santelli Spews on Buffett Tax Flim-Flam

Some perspective on the magnitude of the stupidity that the president's Buf...
03/06/12 04:27 am

Dick Morris: Obama Can't Win

Dick Morris says it again - Obama can't win reelection. I think we do know ...
03/05/12 02:06 am

Matthew Dowd: What's Wrong with Barack

Strategist Matthew Dowd says the past several months have seen lots of good news...
02/23/12 06:46 pm

Obama Has Nation Singing Blues

Here's a new GOP attack on Obama.  
10/12/11 09:16 am

Cain Wins Triple Nines at Debate

The simplicity of the Herman Cain 9-9-9 plan is appealing and makes the plan tan...
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