02/23/12 04:44 am

Newt Turns Birth Control into Bias

Rick Santorum take notice! Newt will now demonstrate how to redirect a question ...
12/17/10 02:12 am

Reid Accuses Obama of Stealing Congressional Authority

Harry Reid explains that the earmark controversy is a matter of the Obama admini...
12/16/10 08:25 pm

Liberal Pork Bill Loses Sizzle

Harry gives up. Democrats controlling the senate have abandoned a 1,924-page cat...
11/19/10 03:52 pm

Mitch McConnell Hears You

Mitch McConnell explains why he changed his position on earmarks.
11/14/10 06:27 pm

Earmarks Marked For Destruction

The power of a cute response can't be underestimated for a politician looki...
10/21/10 08:29 am

DeMint Says GOP Must Change

Jim DeMint echoes Sarah Palin from last week, warning the GOP that they'd b...
03/11/09 10:09 pm


The anti-earmark President today signed the Omnibus Spending bill which contains...
03/04/09 11:44 am

Tribally Controlled Lies

Do as I say. Funny how items show up in spending bills without any notice — li...
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