08/03/11 01:58 am

Democrats Say Government Will Create Jobs

Durbin talks about helping families, who he says are being crushed by the new de...
03/06/11 12:42 pm

Wallace Kicks Durbin Around on Fox News Sunday

Chris Wallace made Dick Durbin pay on Fox News Sunday today for the Democrats ga...
01/09/11 08:26 pm

Still, No Evidence That Political Climate Led to Shootings

Bob Scheiffer, host of Face the Nation, touts the Democrat's talking points...
05/26/10 12:39 am

It's the Cover-up

The Attorney General is refusing to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate ...
01/07/09 07:07 pm

He Shall Overcome

Might the pointless, self-destructive attempt by Democrats to keep the black man...
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