donald trump

12/14/10 08:36 pm

Donald Trump Says Obama's Washington Most Divided Ever

Donald Trump stands by negative comments he's made in the past about George...
09/23/10 12:22 pm

Trumping Barack

A spotlight is a terrible thing to waste. That's why Donald Trump doesn...
09/10/10 08:35 pm

Trump Mosque

Trump is still fixated on the Ground Zero Mosque controversy. Donald Trump repo...
09/09/10 07:08 pm

Blinking Jones

Pastor Jones has blinked.
05/17/10 05:11 pm

Blonds Have More

I thought beauty queens were supposed to be uninformed. Not Miss Oklahoma... sh...
01/14/09 01:01 pm

The Ticket

"I didn't know I owed the taxes... that's it, that's the tic...
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