dick cheney

04/16/12 04:11 pm

Cheney Pump Works Awesome

It sounds like they gave Dick Cheney a nice, strong heart. Listen to him blast t...
07/13/11 08:48 am

A Wednesday List To Ponder

01/13/11 02:18 am

Moment of Nostalgia From Loving Left

Remember Bill Maher and Barney Frank having a chuckle over the potential of Dick...
05/13/10 06:32 am

Plame Game

A substantial clip from the new film on the Valerie Plame affair... with, who el...
03/08/10 11:48 am

Chasing Cheney

Liz Cheney is being too tough on Justice Department lawyers...
02/15/10 09:50 pm

Wild Swing

On TV Sunday to chase Dick Cheney, Vice President Biden also took a swing at Sco...
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