12/01/09 09:11 am

Together We Can

Does this schedule for today's activites sound like the plan for someone se...
10/24/09 08:38 am

Climate Not Perfect

Friday morning I was speculating on the air that Barack Obama and Massachusetts ...
10/23/09 05:04 pm

No Snow

Too bad it wasn't snowing today with Barack pushing climate change at MIT. ...
10/23/09 02:41 pm


Pool report describing an historic day. 3 p.m. - The president has departed the ...
09/24/09 05:26 pm

Against the Law

Under pressure from the White House, the Governor of Massachusetts, in what the ...
09/23/09 07:12 pm

Gang Bang

The midgets in the Massachusetts legislature have voted again on their bill to a...
09/22/09 05:50 pm

Little Creatures

The pathetic little creatures who control the state of Massachusetts have follow...
09/01/09 10:33 pm

Whose in First

Who will succeed Ted Kennedy? The Attorney General of Massachusetts is in the ra...
08/31/09 05:48 pm

Teddy's Ghost

08/26/09 09:58 pm

Midgets on the Hill

Empty of character and caring for country, the Midgets of Massachusetts are usin...
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