deval patrick

10/05/12 06:34 am

Slimy Deval Calls Scott a Birther

Deval Patrick, governor of Massachusetts, demonstrates the bigotry of the hatefu...
07/13/11 02:06 am

Hateful Left Curbs Workers Rights

Governor Deval Patrick and his fellow Democrats, who have total control over the...
05/15/11 02:01 pm

Deval on Loose: Velvet Fog Attacks TV Sets

Deval Patrick turns on the Fog Machine as he discusses the Dems field of candida...
04/16/11 04:40 am

Deval Patrick: Hater Without Compassion

Why do Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick and the leftist legislature hate Wom...
04/15/11 05:22 am

A Tale Of Two Governors: DP And SP

04/14/11 05:56 pm

Birther News: Deval Patrick Meeting Kenya PM in Boston

Governor Deval Patrick is in town for a visit, and it seems he's working on...
01/14/11 02:37 am

The White House Comes with Settees

Four years ago at this time, Deval Patrick thought being governor was about pick...
01/05/11 05:17 am

Deval Grants Interviews, Hates Questions

There he goes again. Impatient, testy, tone-deaf - he is Deval Patrick... not ju...
11/16/10 03:30 pm

Newly Emboldened, Deval Chases Benefits for Illegals

The lying snake who is the governor of Massachusetts spent a long re-election cy...
11/02/10 12:05 pm

Deval's Deceit-Craft in Action

Deval Patrick has dismantled the education system that moved Massachusetts to th...
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