05/14/09 09:35 pm

Me Thinks

Could someone loan this gal a teleprompter? House Speaker Nancy Pelosi today ac...
05/13/09 09:25 pm

Poverty Party

When will the nation realize that Democrats are in the poverty business?
05/02/09 08:44 am

Let's Be Offended

A new GOP ad attacking the President's first 100 days has caused some offen...
04/11/09 11:39 pm

Democratic Education

Barack Obama is yet another Democrat who sells education short in order to satis...
03/12/09 11:22 am

Amnesty Now

It's going to be interesting to watch how the Democrats structure their for...
03/01/09 03:55 am

Obama Lied, People Died

I took much heat during the election cycle when I'd tell members of the swo...
02/10/09 11:35 am

Breath Tax

Could the Democrats' timing be any worse? Governor Deval Patrick is conside...
02/03/09 03:10 am

Peter's Principle

A little nostalgia for the good old days - nearly ten years ago, when Democrats ...
01/26/09 01:38 pm

Illegal War

I know I'm the odd man out, but I'd rather have a government that star...
01/20/09 03:29 am

Flag Wavers

Remember when Barack was against wearing a flag pin? Now that Democrats are in c...
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