08/16/10 08:29 pm

One For Harry

Everyone wants to know why Barack Obama created a national frenzy over the simme...
08/11/10 08:14 am

Bachman Overdrive

The $26 billion "Jobs" bill signed into law yesterday is designed to p...
08/02/10 04:41 pm

Melting the Border

While Americans want a sharper defense of the border, Democrats are working to m...
07/16/10 11:48 pm

Compassion Routes

New Democrats come into the country everyday. That's the Democrats plan, a...
07/05/10 08:39 pm

Empathy Marching

In Iowa, one woman was killed and 24 were injured when horses, pulling a cart in...
06/14/10 09:42 pm

Who's Extreme

Even though the media likes to portray Republicans as the party of extremes, the...
04/22/10 10:30 am

Rhinestone Cowgirl

ACORN speaks. Socialists (Democrats) listen. Any of these groups that says, &quo...
04/21/10 05:20 pm

Fighting Friends

Is California Congressman Jane Harman a confused Democrat?
04/20/10 05:15 pm

Don't Trust, Verify

As context to this story, I'd like to remind you of my operating theory.
04/12/10 11:51 am


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