deficit reduction

08/24/12 04:13 am

Obama's Clinton Embrace Part of Grander Plot

Is a new Obama ad featuring Bill Clinton a good idea? Judge Napolitano and Charl...
04/14/11 11:02 am

Obama: Social Programs Make us Great

One of the more disgusting parts of the presidential demagoguery of yesterday�...
04/13/11 07:51 pm

Biden on Deficit: Big Effing Deal

Joe Biden demonstrates what a big effing deal the president's speech was to...
04/11/11 02:22 am

Plouffe Pretends President Wants Cuts

David Plouffe made the talk show circuit on Sunday, furthering the new White Hou...
11/08/10 09:09 am

GOP on Probation - Do They Mean It?

Chris Christie repeats what others, like Marco Rubio have been saying - Republic...
11/05/10 01:41 am

Surreal Pelosi Says Dems Did Great Job on Economy

Deficit reduction? Job creation? In defeat, Nancy Pelosi is not abandoning her d...
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