05/30/12 01:56 am

Ben Stein: Debt Matters

Some people say our debt situation is not a big deal. Ben Stein disagrees, and a...
02/15/12 02:14 am

Hannen: Big Trouble Still in Europe

Daniel Hannen, the world's most articulate politician, says European leader...
08/12/11 10:13 am

Michele is a Joke

Joe Scarborough rips Michele Bachmann for saying she wished that the US had defa...
07/29/11 04:40 am

Ron Paul: America is Bankrupt

Ron Paul says default is coming, no matter what congress passes. I think both s...
05/12/11 02:17 am

Sen Toomey: No Worries About Default

It's pretty simple, and Senator Pat Toomey explains why there's no rea...
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