10/28/12 01:42 pm

Tisei: Tierney A 99% Man

In one of the few times they let him talk in a debate on Channel 5, Richard Tise...
10/24/12 09:10 am

AB: Obama Defensive, Desperate and Obnoxious

AB Stoddard, who writes for The Hill, is usually pretty mild mannered. But she w...
10/23/12 02:26 am

Horses & Bayonets Still Vital

The president mocked Romney on the strength of the US military, using his punchi...
10/19/12 04:30 am

Biden Responds to Classic Biden Moments

A nice new compilation of Joe Biden's classic gaffes split screen against h...
10/18/12 07:20 am

Steve Hayes Isn't Buying It

The Weekly Standard's Steve Hayes explains why Candy Crowley was wrong when...
10/18/12 01:08 am

Jimmy Kimmel: God Bless America

The Jimmy Kimmel Show asks voters who won the debate - before it happened. They ...
10/17/12 08:54 am

Obama: When I Was President

Has President Obama already moved on? Here, he references "when I was p...
10/17/12 07:55 am

Focus Group: Moving to Mitt Romney

The Obama voters from four years ago who took part in the Luntz debate focus gro...
10/17/12 06:09 am

George Will: Best Debate Ever

George Will says this was the best debate ever!
10/17/12 01:58 am

Debate II: Bickering on Energy

Mitt confronts the president on energy policy and the two bicker. Romney's ...
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