death panels

02/07/12 07:43 pm

Krauthammer: Obama Must Give in to Catholics

Charles Krauthammer explains why he thinks the Obama regime will have to cave on...
06/03/11 08:14 am

Palin's Magical History Tour Continues

01/03/11 04:36 am

Bill Kristol: Government Health Care Means Rationing

Chris Wallace defends ObamaCare by pointing out that rationing is already going ...
11/14/10 04:04 pm

Paul Krugman Channels Sarah Palin

Nobel Prize Winning Socialist (well, aren't they all?) Paul Krugman says wh...
04/01/10 04:42 am

Nobel Death

You know how scornful the Socialistas get over the notion of Death Panels? Well...
11/16/09 12:40 pm

Death Panels

From the Wall Street Journal comes word of Death Panels in the ObamaCare legisla...
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