david letterman

11/11/11 04:32 am

Perry Does Letterman

Rick Perry does better with a teleprompter.
08/31/11 08:09 am

Palin Plummetts In Polls (Again!!!)

Here we go again. The people have spoken and they do not like Sarah Palin. Why...
04/29/11 08:40 am

Ridiculous Letterman Talks Racism

How can you say things like that if you're not a racist, wonders David Lett...
01/19/11 08:10 am

Leno Takes Heat From Stern

Howard Stern shares his fondness for Jay Leno on CNN's new Piers Morgan Sho...
01/04/11 08:05 am

Who is Touching Brian Williams' Junk?

Brian Williams discusses his intimate relationship with TSA agents on Letterman....
02/05/10 04:01 pm


Scott's latest top ten.
09/14/09 06:48 pm

No Move

President Obama seemed to have made a forceful presentation to Congress, and to ...
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