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09/04/12 01:09 pm

Poll: Prez Doesn't Deserve Reelection

Paul Ryan agrees with top Obama handlers David Axelrod and David Plouffe - we�...
12/05/11 02:10 am

Axelrod Can't Handle MTP Interrogation

On Meet the Press Sunday, David Gregory kicked David Axelrod around the studio o...
08/07/11 07:11 pm

Kerry Calls it the Tea Party Downgrade

John Kerry, who says statesmanship is needed to resolve the nation's debt p...
09/18/10 06:26 am

Stop That

How tense are things on the CNN set? John Roberts chides his co-anchor, who'...
09/12/10 08:43 pm

Is it Confusion

Iranian born writer Reza Aslan, on Meet the Press this morning, makes the argume...
04/13/10 06:43 pm

True Confessions

David Axelrod admits that the Watergate style tactics that Democrats use aren�...
03/14/10 08:20 pm

Like it Is

Leave it to the nation's newest senator to Tell It Like it Is to the Prez. ...
02/07/10 09:28 am

Hopey Changey

Sarah Palin did her keynote at the Tea Party Convention last night. Ms.
02/01/10 06:42 pm

Killer Distinction

When the guy who runs the country, David Axelrod, discussed moving the terror tr...
03/11/09 09:27 pm

Rolling Heads

You would think that her support of fetishism, pornography, prostitution and hom...
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