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10/19/12 01:54 am

Obama: Dead Americans Not Optimal

Obama outdoes himself with this Jon Stewart appearance. If four Americans get ki...
11/18/11 09:00 am

Occupy The Rich Section

The Daily Show presents Occupy Wall Street.  
06/20/11 09:25 am

Stewart Gets Pissy With Chris Wallace

Jon Stewart doesn't like Chris Wallace saying he's an ideological acti...
04/13/11 09:15 am

Oil Slick Deval Congeals on Daily Show

Deval Patrick is the world's slickest liar. Small example - at the beginnin...
11/04/10 12:37 pm

John Stewart: Media Bias Only Found at Fox News

John Stewart pursues Chris Wallace on the nature of Fox News.
10/28/10 04:52 am

Obama is Presidential Mythbuster on Jon Stewart

Will perceptions of the president be permanently damaged by his divisive attempt...
05/01/09 08:35 am

Flush Jon

Jon Stewart is an entertainer, so maybe he's just trying to be entertaining...
11/22/08 09:37 am

Why Sarah Smiles

Why is Sarah Palin such a powerful force? Oprah wants her, and so do Letterman a...
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