12/31/10 07:23 am

Liberal Shocker - There Are Gay Conservatives

Why would gays be Republicans? Inquiring minds need to know.
12/24/10 03:45 pm

Obama: Struggling with the Truth

Telling the American people that he would withdraw all troops from Iraq within 1...
12/22/10 05:00 am

Barney Likens Military Service to Basketball at the Y

Are the challenges of unit cohesion in the military really of no greater consequ...
12/21/10 05:03 am

Chris Matthews Bows to the Inspiration of Barney

Barney makes a joke about being gay and effeminate, and Chris Matthews makes a f...
12/03/10 02:02 pm

Scott Says Yes To Don't Ask Repeal

Scott Brown supports the repeal of DADT. Senator Scott Brown this afternoon anno...
12/03/10 12:26 pm

Don't Ask McCain

John McCain and Admirial Mullen have a back and forth over Don't Ask, Don&#...
09/23/10 06:54 am

Obama Harrassed

President Obama gets heckled and harrassed by protesters at a fundraiser last ni...
09/22/10 08:41 am

Colin's Fault

Bill Clinton says Don't Ask Don't Tell isn't his fault. He blames...
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