09/24/12 09:03 am

Coulter: Gay Rights Not Civil Rights

Ann Coulter disputes the idea that gay rights or immigrant rights should be cons...
06/10/12 07:35 pm

Ann Coulter: No to VP Offer

Ann Coulter and Van Jones bonded on This Week Sunday. It was moments like this t...
03/02/12 06:44 am

Coulter on Breitbart

Breitbart is remembered by Ann Coulter.
10/09/11 12:16 pm

Coulter: Occupy The Modern Democrats

Ann Coulter argues there's no connection between the Tea Party and the Occu...
06/07/11 09:35 am

Coulter: Scandal Liberals Hang Around

Ann Coulter defended the GOP and how it handles sex scandals compared to Democra...
02/14/11 06:40 pm

Coulter Says Reagan Was Last Articulate, Manly Republican

Ann Coulter explains why she thinks Chris Christie is the only Republican who ca...
02/14/11 05:20 am

Ann Coulter Doesn't Like Mitt's Chances

At the just completed CPAC convention, Ann Coulter said that if Chris Christie d...
12/01/10 08:09 am

Obama's Helpless, Pitiful Response

Ann Coulter puts it beautifully. American is a helpless, pitiful giant as our go...
11/18/10 12:55 pm

What is the point of the new TSA screening model?

A Fox legal analyst says there's no good reason to stop doing security the ...
11/18/10 08:37 am

Does Ann Coulter Have it Right?

Ann Coulter tells it like it is. How dare she.
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