12/08/11 06:46 pm

Corzine: No Fifth, no Memory

Corzine - another liar.  
12/06/11 08:55 am

Chris Christie Says He Faces Prejudice

Chris Christie wonders why bigotry toward fat people isn't as bad as other ...
02/17/11 01:41 am

Gov Christie Prefers Dominos to Government

Gov Christie explains why he can't be leveraged by a Democratic threat of s...
12/14/10 05:02 pm

Merry Christmas From the New Jersey Teachers Union

An amusing new video on the New Jersey Education Association from Jim O'Kee...
11/09/10 04:38 am

The Christie Plan - Cut Everything

Chris Christie has a gameplan for how the GOP should lead now that it has contro...
10/07/10 08:38 pm

The Machine

How does the Democratic power structure work? Governor Chris Christie describes ...
08/03/10 04:24 pm

Break the Cabal

Governor Christie of New Jersey makes another pitch on the need to fix the publi...
11/04/09 08:00 am


Am I getting ahead of myself? Oh, the joys of inexperience. The Obama presidency...
11/04/09 05:38 am

Chin Shot

The President and his party took it on the chin last night, losing the Governor&...
10/31/09 08:21 pm

Dede Done

Remember a few months ago when the main stream media declared the GOP to be dead...
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