03/15/11 07:04 am

Conyers Admits ObamaCare Slippery Slope

John Conyers says he knew that the ObamaCare legislation was horrible, but he vo...
11/30/10 05:35 pm

Why Our Cadillac is Distributing Rap Tickets in Detroit

Ok. Here's what we know so far. John Conyers, lifetime congressman from Det...
11/30/10 02:42 pm

Junior You Can't Drive My Car

Why would Congressman Conyers have a government car? Why would the government ow...
04/20/10 11:38 am

Sensitive Cruelty

These liberals are so ugly. The transparency with which they engage in the beha...
07/29/09 08:56 am

State of Affairs

What's the point of voting for a bill if you don't have a couple of da...
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