04/04/12 07:53 am

Obama Softens Attack on Court

On Monday, the president told the Supreme Court that it had no business consider...
03/24/12 03:46 pm

Krauthammer: Why ObamaCare Must be Stopped

Charles Krauthammer focuses in on the fundamental question on the constitutional...
03/21/12 01:17 am

McNaughton: One Nation Under Socialism

A painter who is anti-socialism? Anything is possible. Jon McNaughton, a contro...
02/10/12 09:36 am

Chris Matthews Busts Heilemann on Obama Talking Points

It's odd to hear Chris Matthews going for the jugular rather than calling p...
10/14/11 01:30 pm

Sarah Palin Memorial Month

Now that Sarah Palin has quit once again and her rapid fade from relevance has ...
07/05/11 06:03 am

George Will's Mandate

The federal health insurance mandate, a corner-stone of ObamaCare, is obviously ...
06/29/11 02:11 pm

Obama: Gay Marriage Coming

The president continued to pretend not to support gay marriage at his press conf...
06/15/11 07:22 am

CNN Anchor Questions Following Constitution

Media Question for Michele Bachmann: Do you really believe that the federal gove...
04/30/11 05:54 am

Got Sowell?

Spend a few minutes with Thomas Sowell. Excellent.
04/16/11 09:36 pm

Balancing the Budget is Extreme - to Democrats!

Some people find it so upsetting, the Tea Party agenda. Balance the budget, foll...
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