04/03/10 07:26 am

Hare Today

There is an epidemic of liberals telling the truth about what they believe. Thi...
03/25/10 02:02 pm

Liberal Haters

We're hearing all sorts of news about attacks on Democrats and Democratic l...
12/12/09 01:39 pm

Irish Up

Would you be unhappy if your congressman fought for what he believed was right w...
09/09/09 05:06 pm


A couple of seasons back, the New England Patriots went 16-0, winning all their ...
08/18/09 03:06 am

Single Screwer Plan

How in the world do these fools win election to Congress - over and over.
08/11/09 06:35 am

Failing Health

Are Democrats running out of steam on health care? Have they come to terms with ...
05/21/09 11:31 am


The level of thoughtfulness that the socialists have in making policy is impress...
05/16/09 04:47 pm

Got Values?

Please read this question in Andy Rooney voice: Have you ever wondered why the t...
04/09/09 09:37 pm

Conservative Estimate

Really? Only 17? Rep. Spencer Bachus, the top Republican on the Financial Serv...
03/20/09 11:35 am

Baracko Bomber

Krauthammer. A $14 trillion economy hangs by a thread composed of (a) a comicall...
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