10/19/12 01:43 am

Chicago: Compassion in Action

ABC News shows how compassionate the left is when it gets its way on policy. The...
05/23/12 01:55 am

AFL-CIO Fights for Civility in SC

 You know how fixated Democrats are on elevating the civility of the pu...
01/27/12 09:37 am

More Love From the Loving Left

Liberals think they own minority America and the legacy of Martin Luther King. S...
05/25/11 04:39 pm

Liberal Love: Laura Ingraham a Slut

Liberals are the Mothers of Compassion. That's their cover story, anyway. I...
04/28/11 07:09 pm

Liberal Love Leads Discourse in Tucson

Ever wonder what a school board meeting would be like in a compassionate world? ...
04/16/11 04:40 am

Deval Patrick: Hater Without Compassion

Why do Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick and the leftist legislature hate Wom...
04/08/11 04:16 am

Lefty Love: Republicans Look to Slaughter Women

Republicans are in Washington to kill women, as Rep. Louise Slaughter gives anot...
03/16/11 01:29 pm

Love - Union Style

Here's how democracy looks when practiced by the labor movement.
02/25/11 05:15 pm

Will Media Ever Cover Liberal Hate Speech?

More love and compassion from the union crowd. It's all about power. Bunch ...
01/26/11 06:56 pm

Smarmy Gergen Plays "For the Children" On Ari Fleischer

Watch Ari Fleischer kick the crap out of David Gergen regarding the deficit. Gre...
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