community organizer

01/22/12 07:41 pm

Newt: Obama Wasn't Organizing Boys Clubs

Newt defends and doubles down on calling the president a Saul Alinsky radical. W...
09/06/10 03:35 am

Bitter Americans

Perhaps you haven't heard, but you can't be opposed to the Democratic ...
07/22/10 04:11 am

Presidential People

These are the president's people... the ACORN crowd, community organizers, ...
01/01/10 01:37 pm

Get a Life

If he has a compelling argument for why taxes should be higher, Matthew Dallek l...
09/20/09 03:54 pm

Two Hands

The President told a Whopper to George Stephanopoulos this morning, claiming he ...
03/24/09 11:46 am

On Steroids

What is President Obama up to? Following overwhelming House passage last week, ...
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