07/15/12 02:39 pm

The Obama Manifesto

Sounding a lot like Liz Warren a few months back, President Obama is attacking t...
10/15/10 05:26 am

Hopeless Change

The president is still trying to find a way to get his base motivated to support...
10/04/10 09:11 am

Paid to Care

Here's more from the socialist "One Nation" rally at the Lincoln ...
09/06/10 03:35 am

Bitter Americans

Perhaps you haven't heard, but you can't be opposed to the Democratic ...
04/12/10 11:51 am


Part of an international plan.
04/08/09 08:25 pm

Do You Remember?

Do you remember Barack Obama, the guy who was offended by the notion of wearing ...
03/06/09 11:51 am

The Honeymoon Door

The Obama template. The financial crisis offers a new chance to rebuild economie...
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