10/30/12 11:51 am

Colorado Gov Says Obama Pregnant

Is President Obama pregnant? The Governor of Colorado, John Hickenlooper, seems ...
10/10/12 04:17 am

Absent Voters Lean Right

A look at absentee ballots shows more Republican activity than Democratic. Mitt ...
08/13/12 07:20 pm

Karl Rove Electoral College Update

Karl Rove's regular update on how the electoral college looks based on the ...
07/20/12 01:42 pm

Dark Knight: Shooter is PhD Student

A 1pm update on the Colorado shooter.
02/08/12 12:25 pm

Mitt's Support Way Down From Four Years Ago

The most alarming part of Mitt's performance in Tuesday's contests is ...
02/08/12 04:26 am

Mitt Loses All Three to Santorum

Mitt Romney lost all three of Tuesday's primaries to Rick Santorum - includ...
02/07/12 02:08 am

Turnout Down in Key States

Are Republican voters turning out in smaller numbers this year compared to four ...
11/01/10 02:57 pm

Tancredo Threatens to Win in Colorado Guv's Race

Are you ready for an election that rocks the country? In Colorado, former Congre...
10/24/10 11:54 am

Tancredo Immigration Ad Focus in Colorado Debate

Tom Tancredo has turned a long shot independent bid for Colorado governor into a...
10/22/10 05:24 am

Tancredo Uses Immigration in Colorado Gov's Race

Former Congressman Tom Tancredo is the independent candidate for Governor in Col...
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