colin powell

10/26/12 04:45 am

Sununu: Colin's Choice is Racial

John Sununu says Colin Powell is sticking with Obama because of racial loyalty.
10/26/12 04:19 am

Colin Powell: No Story at All

How impressed are folks that Colin Powell endorsed Barack Obama again? Juan Will...
11/28/11 04:38 am

Predictable Powell Hits Tea Party

Colin Powell goes on This Week with Christiane Amanpour, but offers only cliche....
09/19/10 02:04 pm

Colin Noise

Colin Powell defended the president on Meet the Press Sunday, saying that Obama ...
02/21/10 11:07 pm

Who Needs Enemies

President Obama's friends spent the weekend throwing him under the bus, an ...
05/17/09 02:33 pm

Cheney's Pew

Call me naive - I guess I am - for I continue to be surprised by the brutal dece...
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