cokie roberts

04/15/12 02:55 pm

Cokie & Paul: The Buffett Tax Accomplishes Nothing

How useless is the Buffett Tax in terms of fixing our debt problem? Completely -...
09/19/11 03:40 pm

Cokie: Obama Lacks Experience

Back when they were working hard to get the inexperienced one elected president,...
08/07/11 11:01 am

George Will: Not Very, Not Much

George Will says we've learned nothing from the Standard & Poor...
07/17/11 04:15 pm

Freshman Rep Exposes Obama Debt Con

Freshman Congressman Paul Labrador from Idaho clarifies the role the president h...
04/24/11 01:19 pm

Liberal Bigotry: Cokie Knows Who the Racists Are

Anyone who thinks that Barack Obama is Muslim is a racist. So say Cokie Roberts ...



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