08/01/11 02:18 am

CNN Anchor Harrasses Rand Paul

CNN anchor Don Lemon talks to Rand Paul as if he's an angry libera...
07/29/11 07:39 am

Run Along Now Sarah Palin, Adults Are Trying To Have A Debt Ceiling Discussion Here

Palin responds to question about debt ceiling.
07/07/11 04:31 am

Client Number Nine Blown Out

He was never very good at it, but Teddy Roosevelt provides Eliot Spitzer some co...
06/15/11 09:03 am

M’Ann Coulter Is An Anti-Semitic Gutless Supporter Of Frontrunners

The Man-Thing is back in the news. Ultra Reich-Wing pundit Ann Coulter appear...
06/15/11 07:22 am

CNN Anchor Questions Following Constitution

Media Question for Michele Bachmann: Do you really believe that the federal gove...
06/14/11 04:47 am

Cain, Mitt & Newt Discuss Muslims

Asked a follow up on his recent statements regarding Muslims, Herman Cain shifte...
06/07/11 07:49 pm

Wolf Blitzer: Weiner Lies Remind Him of Clinton

Wolf Blitzer explains that he believe it when Anthony Weiner told him that he�...
06/06/11 05:26 am

Weiner's Dick Discussed on CNN

The Weinergate saga continues to bring out the best in the mainstream media. On ...
06/03/11 09:40 am

Fareed's Take on Parochial U.S.

Fareed Zacharia says we'd be better off being more humble and not thinking ...
05/25/11 06:47 am

Scott "Flip-Flop" Brown Doubles Down

  What is it with Massachusetts Republicans and their propensity to r...
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