10/25/12 05:20 am

Hillary Does the Benghazi Chuckle

Hillary laughs over Benghazi. Posting something on Facebook is not in and of its...
10/10/12 01:40 am

Lies: Never a Benghazi Protest

The level of lying the president has engaged in personally to coverup what happe...
08/24/12 04:13 am

Obama's Clinton Embrace Part of Grander Plot

Is a new Obama ad featuring Bill Clinton a good idea? Judge Napolitano and Charl...
06/01/12 06:50 pm

Clinton Attacks Obama's Bain Strategy

Best attack yet on Obama's hate campaign on Bain Capital comes from Bill Cl...
04/19/12 04:03 pm

Ted Nugent Should Face The Music

03/23/12 03:31 pm

Trayvon: Obama Goes Clinton

Instead of revealing his radical instincts like in the Skip Gates situation, the...
03/13/12 04:33 am

Hillary Pushes War on Women Bunk

Hillary Clinton compares the GOP to the Taliban. Why extremists always focus on ...
12/05/11 06:51 pm

Coburn: I Found Newt's Leadership Lacking

Oklahoma Senator Tom Coburn was pretty straightforward in his disdain for Newt -...
09/19/11 09:56 am

Bill Clinton Explains Why Stimulus Won't Work

He doesn't mean to, I don't believe, but Bill Clinton lays out a good ...
09/12/11 02:02 am

Clinton: They Knew They Were Going to Die

Bill Clinton with an incredible speech to the family members of the passengers o...
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