chuck todd

10/15/10 09:16 am

Dope Babble

Harry Reid is not getting great reviews for last night's only debate in the...
09/07/10 08:47 pm

The Wave

Everyone is starting to predict a GOP landslide in November, but will Democrats ...
09/02/10 04:19 pm

Fear of Hope

We have traveled from Hope to Fear in just 18 months.
08/13/10 04:42 am

Other is Best

Wall Street hates Barack Obama says Jim Cramer, while NBC political director Chu...
06/24/10 11:17 am

News Diversity

Ready to celebrate some diversity of opinion? The liberal news media isn't....
05/26/10 04:48 pm

Lost Art

Seen any state of the art leadership kicking around the Gulf Coast? The "po...
02/09/10 03:47 pm

Chuck News

The war against Fox News got hotter today, as NBC News political editor Chuck To...
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