chris matthews

12/08/11 06:34 am

Chris Matthews Improves Tone of Public Discourse

It's been 11 months since the terrible shooting of Rep. Gabby Giffords in A...
12/07/11 07:16 pm

CNN Poll: Newt is a Monster

A stunning new poll from CNN shows Newt dominating Iowa, South Carolina and Flor...
12/01/11 09:03 am

Matthews Thinks Newt Evil, Barney an Angel

Watch Chris Matthews perform figurative sex acts on Barney Frank.
11/30/11 07:21 pm

Chris Matthews Says Newt is Evil

Chris Matthews asks Barney Frank if he believes in good and evil, then turns the...
11/22/11 09:02 am

More Lefties Wacking Obama

Yesterday it was a Chris Matthews anti-Obama rant that was making news, and toda...
11/20/11 08:16 pm

Chris Matthews: That's a Problem By the Way

Chris Matthews, who once got thrills up his leg from hearing the president speak...
10/21/11 09:20 pm

Liberal Attack Machine Takes Aim at Rubio

The left's attack machine has sprung on Marco Rubio, trying to damage his s...
10/21/11 02:16 am

Chris Matthews Gets Racist on Herman

Chris Matthews calls the black Republican candidate for president, Herman Cain, ...
10/13/11 04:41 am

Chris Matthews Overacts His Barney Love

Barney Frank is a mean and bitter man, that's nothing new. But how can one ...
10/12/11 04:26 am

Dems Confess: Obama the Wall Street Prez

Ron Reagan, Jr joins Chris Matthews for a rare moment of liberal honesty - Democ...
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