chris matthews

06/17/10 02:59 pm

Clinging Right

Chris Matthews is a dope.
06/16/10 03:59 pm

Yesterday's Gone

Failed leadership is finally piercing the veneer of Barack Obama. Here are the n...
06/14/10 10:01 pm

Nasty Love

How is it possible that a liberal congressman, filled with love and compassion, ...
05/29/10 05:01 pm

Over Him

Does this mean Chris Matthews is losing his crush on the president, or is it jus...
04/10/10 09:50 am

Chris Crush

Do you think she has a secret crush on the other Chris? Maybe she's a clos...
03/17/10 07:41 pm

Echo Echo

I don't generally watch Hardball, but I do like to listen to the short-vers...
12/02/09 08:06 pm

Another Honest Liberal

It is an epidemic - with a radical in the White House, liberals are just getting...
10/14/09 10:47 pm

Liberal Hate

The campaign against Rush Limbaugh is a startling example of the insidious natur...
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