chris matthews

09/03/10 07:01 am

Confusing Tingle

Chris Matthews is truly confused, and he admits it. Listen to his description of...
09/01/10 08:53 pm

Prompter President

Heartless, mindless president. And this from one of his biggest supporters.
08/31/10 08:04 pm

It's Simple

For once, Chris Matthews is correct. He points out that Barack Obama is an examp...
08/31/10 07:52 am


Most of Barack Obama's political problems are the result of self-inflicted ...
08/30/10 05:21 am

Getting Ethnic

National Review's Reihan Salam schooled the lefties on The Chris Matthews S...
08/30/10 04:42 am

Hateful InKleinations

Leftist columnist Joe Klein compares Glenn Beck to Japanese internment.
08/29/10 02:01 pm

Matthews Beating

On they syndicated Chris Matthews Show this weekend, Chris was doing his usual r...
08/29/10 09:01 am

Foaming Left

The leftist who has done the best job of humiliating himself over Glenn Beck...
08/16/10 09:21 am

Tingle Pain

Could the GOP be closer to taking back the senate than it is to winning the hous...
08/08/10 04:54 pm

Hillary for VP

Might the president consider dumping Joe Biden and putting Hillary Clinton on th...
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