chris christie

10/31/12 01:54 am

Christie Doesn't Give a Damn

Anger works well to make it seem that a politician really means what he's s...
10/29/12 07:23 am

Christie: Get Out

Chris Christie: Don't be stupid. Get out.
08/29/12 05:10 am

Christie: When No is Required

After Ann Romney spoke of Love, Chris Christie mocked those who seek love rather...
08/28/12 06:59 pm

Christie Shines with Lauer

It's not a difficult interview, but Chris Christie shows how to be engaging...
08/07/12 04:52 am

Kristol: Christie Still in the Running

Bill Kristol says that Paul Ryan, Marco Rubio and yes, Chris Christie, are the f...
07/07/12 04:56 pm

Prescription: A Dose of Christie

It must be that the reason Chris Christie is so fat is that he drowns his rage i...
02/24/12 04:49 am

Chris Christie: Equal but Separate

Governor Chris Christie's position on gay marriage is the same as President...
12/20/11 12:49 pm

Hooray!!! The Sarah Palin Comedy Show Redux !!!

  ← Palin Is Failin’   Hooray!!!...
12/06/11 08:55 am

Chris Christie Says He Faces Prejudice

Chris Christie wonders why bigotry toward fat people isn't as bad as other ...
12/05/11 08:01 am

Another One Bites The Dust

It is with deep regret that we ask you to click on the song link here for a fi...
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