10/30/12 08:54 am

Jeep to China?

There's nothing false in this Romney ad, but people are inclined to be conf...
07/27/12 06:14 pm

Fact Checking the New Warren Ad

In her new ad, Liz Warren complains that China is investing 9% of its GDP in inf...
05/04/12 08:20 am

Mitt Should Tell His Story, Not Obama's

When Mitt Romney attacks the president on everything he does, it makes him look ...
02/26/12 07:45 pm

Hofmeister: China to Blame for Gas Prices

The former president of Shell Oil, John Hofmeister, says demand from China is dr...
11/09/11 08:33 am

Herman Cain’s “Idea Of A Stimulus Package”

"You want a job, right?"
11/02/11 07:18 pm

Cain: China Working on Nukes

Herman Cain stumbled answering a question about China yesterday, saying that the...
09/04/11 05:22 am

Another Asian Overachiever Goes Viral

Americans are accustomed to being outperformed by Asians, but now kid from China...
08/24/11 09:16 am

Biden Bungles, Krauthammer Klarifies

The vice president tells the Chinese that he has no problem with their one child...
08/23/11 09:23 am

Biden 'Fully Understands' China's One Child Policy

Joe Biden contemplates the challenges for China of operating a socialist society...
04/27/11 02:26 am

Steve Forbes: China Taking Over Not Scary

Steve Forbes isn't nervous about China trending toward becoming the world&#...
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