charlie crist

10/22/10 04:48 pm

RFK JR Endorses Charlie Crist in Florida

Bobby Kennedy, Jr. is so scared by the corporate takeover of America that the Te...
10/20/10 09:23 am

Republicans Campaign Against Stimulus

The Tea Party candidate in Florida is cruising into the open senate seat on the ...
09/30/10 02:26 am

Changing Sides

Does anyone know why Charlie Crist, the Republican Governor of Florida, is havin...
08/27/10 06:55 pm

Charlie the Shark

The Tea Party movement is a reaction to mercenary pols like Florida Governor Cha...
08/12/10 02:03 pm


In a year when incumbents are the plague, how about a Republican governor who ha...
08/09/10 08:46 am

Crist Outrage

What we really need are politicians who are outraged over the idea of wasted mon...
07/24/10 07:02 am

Mean Spirit in Chief

Hey Lefties! Look! The president is a racist.
07/08/10 03:23 am

Oh, Crist

Charlie Crist is giving a wonderful presentation on how little issues or philoso...
05/21/10 03:50 pm

Coulda Been

Florida Governor Charlie Crist likes Elena Kagan, and says he would vote for her...
04/30/10 06:39 am

Broken How?

Charlie Crist announced last night that he's running for senate as an indep...
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