09/07/12 05:31 am

Krauthammer Stunned by Obama's Empty Speech

Charles Krauthammer says he was stunned by the emptiness of the president's...
08/13/11 02:17 pm

Charles Fires on Nina Again

Krauthammer blasts Nina Totenberg... was Obama lying when he said he wouldn'...
12/10/10 07:29 am

Royals Wrong Turn

Shots of Charles and Camilla under attack.
12/09/10 04:00 pm

On Video Now - Liberal Vision for America

People who've been trained to expect everything for free don't respond...
11/18/10 08:08 am

Do You Know What Love Is?

Call me a cynic, but I'm not optimistic about the marriage of Will and Kate...
07/30/10 02:32 pm

Sherrod Squad

Shirley Sherrod may have made a speech about redemption, but her husband seems t...
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