08/19/11 04:46 pm

Sharpton Recap

Cenk could never have accomplished what Al has over the past couple of years.
08/02/11 09:08 am

Al Sharpton Attacks the Tea Party

Do Democratic voters ever wonder why their leftist leaders are so freaked by a m...
07/25/11 08:36 am

Did the White House Fire Cenk

Was host Cenk (pronounced Jenk) Uyghur canned at MSNBC because the White House c...
07/22/11 04:20 am

TV Lib Says White House Fired Him

Cenk Uygur says he was canned from the 6pm timeslot at MSNBC because the White H...
01/28/11 08:51 am

More Democrats Elevating the Public Discourse

Senator Harkin talks about those crazy Tea Party people.
12/30/10 05:31 am

Leftists Argue Big Storm Justifies Big Government

The dopes on the liberal MSNBC revel over the big storm this week as proof that ...
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