02/13/12 04:05 am

MSNBC Lefty Attacks Rachel Maddow

Lawrence O'Donnell, a hard-hitting leftist on MSNBCastro, seems to be one o...
10/21/11 09:20 pm

Liberal Attack Machine Takes Aim at Rubio

The left's attack machine has sprung on Marco Rubio, trying to damage his s...
03/24/10 04:02 pm

The Dingell Knows

Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of liberals? Only the Dingell Knows. Co...
03/22/10 08:07 pm

Never Die

One silver lining to the Obama attempt to destroy America is that Democrats will...
08/28/09 10:45 pm

Black Like Me

Representative Diane Watson, a California race baiter, blames anti-Obama, anti-h...
02/21/09 10:10 am

The Necessity Train

In light of the disaster that has already been heaped upon the country in the fi...
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