10/12/12 06:38 am

Castellanos: Biden's Faces for Base

GOP pundit Alex Castellanos says the vice president did his job in last night�...
04/29/12 07:57 pm

Castellanos: Obama Dividing Country

GOP consultant Alex Castellanos lashes out at the lefties cabal on Meet the Pres...
11/07/11 06:52 am

Cain Leverages Media Attacks

Herman Cain went on the offensive last week, blaming the media for harassing him...
09/19/11 01:40 am

Problem For Obama: People Have TV's and Internet

Alex Castellanos again tells it like most people are afraid to... this time on t...
05/31/11 04:35 am

Castellanos: Republicans Need Dull

The duller and and more innocuous the candidate the GOP nominates, the better th...
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