09/04/12 02:55 pm

Reelect President OCarter?

Nice merger from the GOP. Carter and Obama, failed presidents.
12/02/11 08:38 am

GOP Making Obama Into Carter

It's fun to compare Barack to Jimmy Carter, but does it accomplish anything...
10/25/10 08:33 pm

Jimmy Carter Tries to Diminish Reagan

Jimmy Carter continues his effort to dampen his already low popularity.
09/20/10 05:51 am

A Little Lust

When Jimmy Carter admitted to being a sinner because he'd lusted in his hea...
05/10/09 08:39 am

Not So Popular

Fourth place. Out of nine Presidents. Not earth shattering, second coming of JFK...
01/17/09 10:03 am

Blackberry Buddy

Some conservatives fear that Barack isn't tough enough for the Commander in...
01/05/09 01:01 pm


The Democrats haven't moved all the way in yet, but their house is already ...
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